The “YOUnited ART” project aimed to expand communication and self-expression avenues for young people through art. The initiative sought to address challenges young people face, including lack of confidence, effects of COVID-19, isolation, and sociocultural issues. Art was identified as a promising tool to facilitate self-discovery and expression.

The project had several specific objectives:
Improve Communication and Self-reflection Skills: The project intended to enhance participants’ communication and self-reflection abilities using expressive arts methods. This was expected to support personal development and provide a platform for participants to express their identities.
Break Communication Barriers: Activities were designed to encourage community involvement and dialogue by breaking down communication barriers that hinder young individuals.

Explore Self-development and Self-expression: The project aimed to create space for participants to explore self-development and self-expression at both personal and community levels.

Provide Innovative Tools and Methods: Participants were supplied with innovative tools and practical experiences to foster intercultural dialogue and communication.

Develop Follow-up International Cooperation: “YOUnited ART” aimed to lay the groundwork for future projects and collaborations to explore further the themes identified in this project, responding to participants’ needs and interests.

The project aimed to unite 26 young individuals from Slovakia, Italy, Georgia, and Armenia to explore and understand art communication and community art. Activities and sessions designed and planned by the participants reflected their educational needs and interests. The Youth Exchange welcomed individuals aged 18-28 interested in artistic communication for self and community development, ensuring participation from individuals with fewer opportunities.

This Youth Exchange brought together 26 young participants from four countries: Slovakia, Italy, Armenia, and Georgia. The dates of the activity were 16.7.2023 – 24.7.2023 and the project was implemented in Aparan, Armenia.